We are offering a big variety of exhibition floors which are categorized into material classes.

All floors are also available on a platform. Thus giving us the opportunity to lay all the cables underneath the floor and making them invisible to the visitors. This is platform can be up to 10 cm high.

If you are interested in real wood floors contact us and we will help you.

sustainable floors

High class exhibition stands and environment can be easily combined in the 21st century. Natural materials such as wood awake the booth to life and are completely recyclable.

The same is for naturally produced products like carpets – the so called eco2-carpets. They are fabricated from plant fibres. During the manufacturing process of these carpets the emission of carbon dioxide is 60 percent less than with classically fabricated carpets. Also the energy used for the manufacturing process is only the half of the energy needed for fabricating classical carpets. The carpets are exactly the same high quality carpets as the classical carpets only they are environment-friendly. So you get qualitative the same optically high class carpet. And since sustainability gains more importance in our business of booth construction this carpet is just the first step in the right direction.

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