Exhibitions stand examples

Every Stand is different

Everyone that has ever visited a trade fair knows that every stand looks different. Of course some stands have the same style or structure but in the end all have an individual look. And considering that everyone wants to stand out it is extremely important to come up with an individual design.

All that said, it means for us stand builders that we could come up with almost infinitely designs for your company. To safe us and you all the work we drafted up this document with examples. You get an first impression of what is possible. And we can than work more closely with you and the more detailed requests.

We are certain that you have a general idea what you want your stand to look like, but maybe looking through this document will make it easier to give us a general direction.

Download our exhibition stand examples here.View more documents that we offer you for free to help with your planning for the next exhibition.

Wall system differentiation

We differentiate our wall systems into four different categories. Thus giving you a broad selection to choose from.

Simple system wall

The simple system wall consists of wall boards which are mounted between stilts.

The wall boards can either be in plain white or be coloured in any colour you wish. Obviously it is also possible to put up graphics such as pictures or your company logo. We us digital prints for that. You can see that already with the most simplest wall system there are plenty of possibilities to variate and make your stand independent and special.

The material is either white or silver.

Curtain walling

Curtain walls perfectly hide the system materi-al thus making the whole wall appear of higher-value.

In the example seen on this picture the curtain walling is covered with a digital prints therefore making it possible to put huge pictures on the walls. If you look close enough you will see the joint between the individual wall boards. The possibility of letting graphics go over more than one wall board is easily discernible.

Curtain walls can also be added to the waffle panel wall. Although that will make no difference visually..

Clamped banner

Clamped banners between the filigree stilts don’t hide the system completely but appear as whole wall panels due to the stretched material.

Moreover the banners can also be illuminated from behind giving the whole appearance a luminous effect.
The system material is silver.

It is possible for us to create a high-end version of this wall system where the system material is completely hidden.

Waffle panel wall

The waffle panel wall consists of several coffered elements, mostly with the following measurements: 1.0 × 1.0 meters.

The elements can be designed in different colours and be illuminated from behind.

Therefore making it possible to cluster topics in different colours giving it all a clear struc-ture..


Steles are best used as an information point or display cases. Here you have the possibility to bundle all the information considering one product or product group at one place.

Furthermore it gives you the opportunity of mounting screens to the stele to show your company film or product film.

Obviously it is also possibly to work with different colours and digital prints to get a clear structure.

Memory Wall

Our self-created wall system, called memory wall, goes into the section of high-class stand design.

The principal is the same as with the waffle panel wall just in this case the whole frame and the panel are being carpeted of wood. Visually rounded off with the shadow gaps.

To sum it up: high-quality design and plain beauty

Backlit digital prints

Equally to the waffle panel wall it is also possible to backlight individual panels of the memory wall.

This way you can work with different colours, keywords and pictures.

Of course any panel can be backlit in our memory wall.

Installed display cases

Another bonus point of our memory wall are the installed display cases. Should you want to show smaller items these illuminated display cases are a perfect choice.

Matching digital prints with keywords can be integrated around the display cases to round the whole experience off.

Ceiling system differentiation

As with the differentiation of the wall systems we also give you plenty to choose from with our ceiling systems. Giving you the chance to find the perfect system for your project.

Simple ceiling system

Simple ceilings are mounted to the wall and elevated on the open corners.

It is possible to mount signs to this construction as well as the lighting, see example to the left.

The material for this ceiling is either white or silver. The ceiling height is around 2.5 to 3.0 meters.

Structural ceiling

Our structural ceiling is three dimensional and consists of multiple pyramids set next to each other. In using this half-timbered construction, made famous by the Eiffel tower in Paris, your stand will appear more open. It is also possible to use several layers of the structural ceiling.

The material for this type of ceiling is white. The ceiling height is around 3.0 to 4.0 meters.

Elevated ceiling construction

Elevated ceiling constructions in comparison with the simple ceiling offer you the advantage to hang big banners. Banners can be designed freely in comparison with simple signs thus showing your logo and graphics are easily possible.

The lighting is mounted underneath the con-struction.

The material of the construction is silver. The ceiling height is around 4.0 to 5.0 meters.

Suspended ceiling

Suspended ceilings are being suspended from the hall ceiling. In the picture you can see the banners surrounding the beams. As a symbolic ceiling there is a mesh banner fixed in between the beams. This gives the stand a ceiling on the top.

Suspended ceilings can be mounted considerably higher than any other ceiling form. Thus making them perfect for stands with a wall height of 5.0 meters or higher.

Typically the height of this ceiling is around 5.0 to 8.0 meters. Making the whole construction better visible from afar.

The lighting is also mounted underneath the construction.

String curtain

String curtains can be used as ceilings as well and are easily visible from afar and a good eye catcher. The string curtains can vary in form and colour and shaped just for your project.

The picture below shows a red string curtain with the length of the strings varying to create archways to enter the stand.

The picture to the left shows you a string curtain with logos printed on it.

Eyecatcher: suspended cubes

As eye catchers suspended cubes or similar forms work brilliantly. Thereby being able to rotate or being suspended statically. By illuminating them or light them up from inside they can be easily spotted from afar.

Furniture differentiation

Our equipment for the stands consists of the classics as well as carpeted furniture specifically build for you.

Our range of rentals can be seen here.
View more documents that we offer you for free to help with your planning for the next exhibition.

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